3 Food Timing Tricks to NEVER
Store Carbs as Fat..


Discover How to Make Carbs Your
Greatest Fat-Burning Weapon

By: Shaun Hadsall
Creator of The 4 Cycle Solution

One of the most common things you’ll hear in the fitness industry is that carbs make you fat.

Well, it’s true – they CAN.

All you have to is start searching for carbs on Google and look what pops up.

Almost everything associated with carbs is negative.

Well believe it or not, when you consume healthy carbs, like non-processed starches and whole fruits the right way (and even cheat foods on certain days), you should never have to worry about storing them on the body as fat.

And when you use this strategy, not only does it make your plan “sustainable” -- it can add a whole another dimension to burning fat.

But you can’t just lower carbs all week and then go on a food bender every weekend and expect to keep muscle and lose belly fat.

Not. Gonna. Happen.


You’ll potentially damage or radically alter your metabolism and send your body all the wrong signals and messages for fat-loss.

Three things happen when you try this:

  1. You’ll hit diet “adaptation” in less than a week (aka – the dreaded weight loss plateau). Over time, this can also damage your metabolism.

  2. You’ll suffer from something called “metabolic slowdown”. In as little as 4 to 7 days your metabolic rate will slow and fight against fat loss.

  3. You’ll destroy your natural energy cycles and end up feeling super tired and drained because you’ll rapidly DECREASE your mental and physical energy with improperly timed insulin surges.

Strategic carb cycling PREVENTS all of this from happening.

BUT, you have to “time” them properly.

FACT: Study after study shows that over 90% of people who attempt a “low carb” or trendy diet gain all or more of their weight back within a year of losing it.

That’s because most people time their carbs and other foods the WRONG way. And they wonder why the scale won’t budge.

I think you’d agree that we all want to enjoy social events, parties, weekends, bowling night, poker night, ladies night, holiday parties etc, etc, etc….

You get the idea.

Cycling carbs and “timing” your foods properly are the perfect solution for being able to enjoy all of life’s guilty pleasures – while still being a daily fat burner.

It’s weird how you NEVER hear anybody talking about this type of stuff on TV or in any trendy fitness magazine…or even in best selling diet books.

But if you mess this up consistently, you’ll be scratching your head wondering why your belly isn’t shrinking.


3 Carb Timing Tricks that Limit Fat Spillover
KEEP Your Body Burning Fat…


First up – Good:

A good time to consume impact carbs (like non processed starches and fresh whole fruits) is first thing in the morning or upon waking up -- for a few reasons.

  1. You’ve fasted all night while you sleep so glycogen levels have been depleted and this leaves extra room for carbs to replenish lower glycogen stores.

  2. You’re metabolic rate runs highest during the a.m. hours (or after you wake up from sleeping) than it does later in the day, so you’ll more likely use these carbs as energy.

    This is especially effective when you workout early in a.m.

  3. Insulin sensitivity is also higher when you wake up than other times of the day, which allow your body to utilize carbs and limit fat spillover.

Next up – Better:

An even better time to consume impact carbs is 3 to 4 hours before high intensity resistance training (MRT, bodyweight circuits, or metabolic circuits) or a heavier weight training session.

This will ensure that these carbs are used as energy during and after the workout to avoid fat-spillover. It will also provide you with sustained energy throughout the workout. Better performance equals more fat and calories burned during and after the workout.

You’ll create an anabolic environment inside your body to prevent muscle loss.

Last up – BEST:

The best time to consume carbs from starches and fruits is in your post workout anabolic window of opportunity, which is anywhere from 1 to 3 hours after high intensity training.

In fact, if you work out late at night you could actually consume your LARGEST carb serving of the day right BEFORE bed and not worry about fat spillover.

This works best when you’re following more of a maintenance schedule so I don’t recommend using this tip when trying to achieve rapid fat-loss, but it does prove the point that eating late at night doesn’t really make you fat.

That’s because when you work out intensely enough you’ll set off several powerful metabolic triggers no matter what time of day it is:

The end result ends up being increased fat loss and extra carbs being stored directly in the muscle and liver through stimulation of Glut 4 (a glucose transporter) – rather than having them “spill over” and being stored as fat on the body.



Again, under these conditions your body will store carbs (and other macro-nutrients) at a much faster and higher rate than normal.

This is why it’s so important to eat the majority of your impact carbs in your post workout meals on days you exercise intensely.

It will immediately help you improve your insulin sensitivity dramatically, which will improve your body’s efficiency at using fat as fuel source on a daily ongoing basis.

You see, when you understand how to time your nutrients precisely you’ll discover how you can use food to master your hormones, control your metabolism, and NEVER store carbs as fat on the body.

But if you’re not sure how to combine carbs with other specific foods or how to use strategic portion control -- you could be dead in the water.

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