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DOUBLE Your Results with the 4 Cycle Solution
Exercise Accelerator Pack while Saving BIG!

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You now have a one-time opportunity to a VIP upgrade on your order, which includes a complete training manual that lays out EVERY exercise detail you need to know, follow along exercise demonstration videos, 8 weeks of completely done for you daily workout log sheets, a success calendar to keep you on track every day of the entire plan, AND a 10 day Vacation and Holiday Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint – all of this while simultaneously saving you an extra $528.

The 4 Cycle Solution Exercise
Accelerator Package Includes:

The 4 Cycle Solution

Exercise and Training ManualComponent 1: The Exercise and Training Manual
($197 Value)

This guide will provide you with some of the most effective Resistance Training Workouts ever created. Utilizing the latest cutting edge training techniques such as Volume-Depletion Training, Rep-Range Lactic Acid Training, and Metabolic Resistance Training all in one spot.

You’ll get 8 weeks of brand new workouts that are specifically designed to maximize the effectiveness of all four food cycles, creating the perfect synergy between your diet and exercise for some of the fastest fat loss humanly possible. 

Follow Along Workout VideosComponent 2: Follow Along Workout Videos
($197 Value)

In this component, Shaun will instruct you on exactly how to perform each exercise properly.

During these demonstrations, he’ll reveal dozens of tricks and techniques that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of each and every repetition.

These videos are like having Shaun personally coach you through each and every exercise, but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll learn proper form, joint position, grip, tempo, and even secret focus points that will take your exercise technique to a whole new level.

These videos are so valuable they could very well be the coolest part of the ‘Accelerator Package’.

Additionally, each video can be either streamed online or downloaded to your iPod, iPhone, or Android device!

Workout Log SheetsComponent 3: Workout Log Sheets
($47 Value)

These printable exercise charts are set up to take all the guess work out of your workouts. Just follow the templates exactly as their laid out each time you perform a session.

Whether you’re at home or in a gym you’ll be able to easily follow along and record your progress for the entire 8 weeks.

This will make following your workouts super simple and guarantee that you’re hitting the precise rep ranges and intensity levels necessary to maximize muscle stimulation and fat loss.

Success CalendarComponent 4:The 4 Cycle Solution Success Calendar
($27 Value)

This component is like having your very own navigation system tomake sure you’re following through with each day of the program successfully and consistently.

This calendar maps out each and every day so you know exactly what type of nutrition and exercise you need to be focused on. Plus, it allows you to easily plan ahead so when things get hectic you can quickly adjust and stay on course.

Just print it off, follow it day by day, and your success will be automatic.

Emergency Fat LossComponent 5: The Vacation & Holiday 10 Day Emergency Fat Loss Blueprint 
($97 Value)

Let’s face the facts. There are times in life where we want and need to get extra aggressive with fat loss.

Whether it’s special events like vacations, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, class reunions or even a photo shoot, there are many times throughout the year where we have to look good –fast 

That’s what this blueprint delivers.

Inside this guide you’ll get over a dozen aggressive tactics and strategies you can use to get the fat to fall off your body quickly without damaging your metabolism.

You’ll also get the exact 10 day timeline you need to follow so you can hit your target goals with precise accuracy while making your skin look tighter and minimizing water retention for the big day or deadline you’re shooting for.

Additionally, this sets up your metabolism to indulge and enjoy your special event or vacation without the burden or worry of rebound weight gain. Our private clients love this guide and they turn to it every time an unexpected deadline approaches or they just want to get back on the fast track to fat loss.

As you can clearly see, this Exercise Accelerator Pack has a real value totally a whopping $565.

But again, because your success is our number one priority and we want to make sure nothing is left out over the course of the next 8 weeks, we’re offering you the complete Exercise Accelerator Pack valued at $565 for a measly $37. That’s over 57% off the normal retail price, which is peanuts compared to the value you’ll get.

$87 $37

The 4 Cycle Solution

$87 $37

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